Why I’m buying Pokemon Platinum

Yes. I’m buying a Pokemon game. It won’t be the first one either. I bought one on my N64 at the height of Pokemania. It was also the first game i traded in as well. So why am i returning to it now?

That’s all down to my DSi and a new found love for JRPGs. I already had a slight affair with Final Fantasy games – playing through VII, VIII, and XII on my PS1 and 2 – but nothing that heavy. Until last year, where i got The World Ends With You. 

This was a game to truly relish. A gaming experience that very few other DS titles has yet to match. Great controls, great story, very stylish in a number of ways, and truly original. Since then I had a brief encounter with Final Fantasy : Revenant Wings, and then, in the last few months, it all went a little crazy.

Chrono Trigger and Disgaea – both remakes – signed and sealed my love for JRPGs. (I’m yet to get a JRPG for my Xbox 360, i’m thinking the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII will be the first, but i’ve noticed Lost Odyssey’s price keeps coming down.) These two alone racked at least 48 hours playtime. Disgaea is still an ongoing concern simply because it’s absolutely immense!

So why Pokemon then? Simply because it’s got a lot to offer. A lot of playing, exploring, levelling. The things that put a lot of people off these types of games, keeps me coming back. It may have a lot of rehashes of old ideas and gaming concepts, but that doesn’t bother me. Having never played any of the multitude of proper Pokemon RPGs – the one i got was Pokemon Battle Arena on the N64 – i’m hoping i’ll have a lot more to discover and enjoy.

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