Film Review – Eden Lake

Harrowing.  If i had to sum this up in a word, it’s “harrowing”.  I reckon it’s probably because some of it feels close to home.  For me, it raises all sorts of questions about self-defence, peer pressure, uncontrollable youth, bad parenting, and where to go away for a weekend break.  These things made this film feel particularly uncomfortable.

I’m not going to get into a rant about the state of the world today, or tut about kids, because i think it’s more just about general feelings of helplessness.  About people being caught up in the wake of strong spirited bullies.  About the lengths kids can go to just feel like they belong.  About how children can so easily become their parents. 

If this sounds like i had a spiritual experience with this film, don’t worry, i didn’t.  I just felt that inbetween the standard horror fayre of people being stabbed, burnt alive, and generally terrorised, there was something spookily familiar.  Maybe it’s that parts of the woodland settings reminded me of Spring Park woods.  Or maybe it felt like it had leapt straight out of the Daily Mail letters page.  Either way it helped make it quite spooky and horribly compelling.

I liked most of the characters, from the plucky and unlucky female lead, to the easily intimidated hangers-on in the gang.  Some of the non-victim adults seemed a little cliched, and i felt that some of the trauma’s that befell the main character were a little too inconvenient.  Other than that it may leave you feeling a bit traumatised – bit like another equally harrowing English horror, “Dead Man’s Shoes” – but i think if you can stomach it, there’s a lot to take from it.  (I think the word “enjoy” would be just inappropriate, but i would say that i’m glad i saw it.)

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