I don’t know about the kids…

Last night I went to Makro for the first time in 10 years.  I’d forgotten just how awesome that place is.  I walked all the way down the sweet aisle,  got to the end, turned round, then walked back up it again. Eventually I decided that if I told myself I was buying some sweets for everyone at work then I could justify the extravagance.  So, because both kids AND grown-ups love it so, I plumped for a 1250 gram tub of Haribo Star Mix which I opened and stuck on my desk at 9am this morning.  It’s now almost 3pm and it’s almost half empty already!  There’s not a kid to be seen so one can only assume that the advertising slogan is true.  I should have bought a couple more.

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Best Cast Ever?

I caught a bit of Open Water 2: Adrift the other day and whilst it was quite interesting couldn’t be bothered to watch all of it. I did, however, want to know what happens. So in true lazy research style I looked it up on wikipedia. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the correct name of the film (although I knew it wasn’t Deep Blue Sea!) so remembering that the guy from those IBM ads (Richard Speight Jnr) was in it I went to IMDB. Speight Jnr was also in Band of Brothers the tv serial, so I looked him up under that (I couldn’t remember his name). Whilst doing so I noticed that Michael Fassbender was in Band of Brothers. For those not in the know Fassbender is considered by some to the next big thing in British acting, he’s already gained alot of plaudits as an IRA terrorist on hunger strike in “Hunger” and we’ll all know him after his role in Taratino’s upcoming “Inglourious Basterds” (spelling mistakes are deliberate). I’d be amazed if there was ever a show that had so many stars before they were famous and it seems that there are those that are only just starting to make a name for themselves.

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Spicy Sausage! & Cheese Grill

This recipe is from Gary Rhodes’s book “Great Fast Food” which I’ve found to be particularly user friendly and a good way to get into doing slightly more imaginative cooking (although sometimes it’s hard to get the ingredients he suggests).

This is a real “comfort food” recipe and also good for cold weather, so I’ll post it at the beginning of summer…
(btw the ! in the title is because you have to remember that brilliant bit from Blackadder III with Robbie Coltrane as Dr Samuel Johnson, when he realises he forgot to put the word Sausage in his dictionary, oh and aardvark as well)

Serves 4
6 Spicy Sausages
200g (7oz) ricotta cheese (I have used feta instead which works just as well if not better)
55g (2oz) pecorino (parmesan works as well)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 small red onions, chopped
2 red peppers, chopped
1 chorizo sausage, sliced
salt and pepper
150ml (5fl oz) barbecue sauce, home-made or from a jar or packet
200g (7oz) can chopped tomatoes
40g (1 1/2oz) fresh breadcrumbs
2 tbsp fresh chopped basil

1 Grill the spicy sausages for 12 minutes until they are cooked through and browned. Cut into bite-sized pieces.

2 Meanwhile heat the oil in a frying-pan and add the onions and peppers. Fry for 2-3 minutes until softened. Pre-heat the grill to high.

3 Add the chorizo sausage and season. Mix in the barbecue sauce and chopped tomatoes and simmer for a further 5 minutes. Stir in the sausages and make sure they are heated through.

4 Place in a dish and scatter the ricotta, pecorino, breadcrumbs and half the basil on top. Grill for 3 minutes (or until cheese has melted to your satisfaction).

Serve – with the rest of the basil sprinkled on top.

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