Is Paintball Dangerous?

As someone who has been organising paintballing trips for the last 15 years I was interested to read this article on the BBC:

Going paintballing has certainly never made me want to take part in a real gun battle.  After all:
(a) You realise just how easy is to get shot.
(b) If getting hit by a couple of paintballs hurts that much then what is a real bullet going to feel like!

Still, I was impressed with Spaced analogy and it’s nice to hear that Jim from Campaign Paintball is still doing it, even if his site did go really downhill once it got more popular.

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  1. think you’ve got a point there. its not a massively dissimilar argument to the playing violent video games causes people to go out and shoot each other thing that seems to come up every so often. Okay, it can be argued that the ability to do it Gives people the idea but all you’ve really got to do to see that kind of stuff is read the paper or watch the news, and its certainly more graphic than being splattered with yellow paint.

    As you say, all Paintball has taught me is that how much of a badass i might have thought i might be, I’m still gonna get shot a whole bunch of times regardless of what i do. If it makes you think that actually shooting people is a good idea you’ve clearly not got a grasp on reality and what really needs to be addressed is the seeming lack of respect for human life rather than trying to stop people taking part in games.

  2. Germany’s pretty strict when it comes to all types of censorship (,news-3654.html) and i think this is just another step in the same direction.

    Personally, i have no problem with the violence in games nor movies, music, books, art, or any other media. I would like to believe that i’m capable of making the distinction between real and fake. I do understand that some people are less well equipped to deal with these things. I just don’t believe that protection comes from banning things.

    In many ways this brings to mind a Chris Rock rant “Whatever happened to Crazy People?” (Once upon time people were just considered crazy and now, well, we need to find something to blame for the craziness.)

  3. I certainly don’t you can blame any particular thing for people going on that sort of rampage. The key thing is the availability of guns. Paintball is more of a release and something different. It’s easy to blame something for something so tragic, it helps explain something.

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