Pokemon Platinum – Review (Part 1)

One thing i noticed when reading reviews for Pokemon Platinum was that for almost every reviewer it was just another installment.  Of course, many added “if you’re new to the series this is a good one to start with”, but for none of them was that the case.  Everyone had played it before.

I suppose even i’ve played it before.  I had Pokemon Stadium on the N64.  I still don’t know why i bought it.  I had only a minor interest in Pokemon, as i do now, and found the gameplay to be really uninspiring.  But if you’ve read my other article on this site (why i’m buying pokemon platinum) you’ll know that an overwhelming desire for quality JRPGs made me go for Pokemon Platinum.

I got it on Friday – thank you Game pre-order – and have played only about 10 hours so far.  I know in terms of hardcore gaming this is pretty poor, but i’m not a kid, a student, unemployed, a bus/train commuter nor a full-time games reviewer, so it’s not that bad really.

So far, it’s actually pretty good.  The visuals are basic but bright, colourful and appealing.  It sounds pretty good with a soundtrack i don’t mind listening to.  In terms of gameplay, well, it is pretty addictive so far.  I get why you might want to “catch ’em all”, because that’s what i find myself doing.  I’m happy doing some grinding to get levels up and it’s pretty cool when your pokemon gains new abilities.  Most fun i’m having though is in naming them, in my collection i have Pokemon called Cheese, Trousers, Moped, and Devastator.

What you’ve got to understand is, i find giving things stupid names, a LOT of fun.  So i’m finding Pokemon Platinum a lot of fun.  It’s not without flaws.  I cannot help but feel that the game expects you to know your way around a Pokemon.  To understand the merits of not evolving or evolving your pokemon and from what i’ve read, without having a Pokemon playing friend, there are somethings in the game that i just won’t be able to do.  (Like evolving my Abra that i spent a lot of time levelling up.)

Other than this minor gripe, it’s got an immense amount of depth and a nice feeling of making the game your own.  The question is, and the reason this is just part 1, is how long will this last?  When i’ve covered another 10 hours of gameplay, i’ll let you know.  In part 2.

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