Chicken and Leek Pot Pie

Last night I made this pie from Delia’s online collection for my Mum, Step-Dad and Nan:,1920,RC.html

I didn’t make it in a pot, I made it in a big oven proof dish, but otherwise I followed the recipe pretty much exactly.  I have to say that it was really nice and was well recieved by all with my Nan even pinching the recipe to take home.  However, it did take me rather longer than expected, by which I mean about 45 mins longer.  I couldn’t get the white sauce to mix properly at first and then when I got to the bit where I had to reduce the cider to 4 table spoons worth (I doubled all the measures) I found myself with about a pint of liquid so ended up having to give up after a while and throw a bit away.

For what it’s worth, I did it with some chive mash, carrots, sugar snap peas and those weird mini-corn things

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