The Trip

Er. Ok, so this is TV, not film.

I’m going to hang back from a full review, but if you’ve not been watching it, can I whole-heartedly recommend The Trip. That’s the one with Messrs Coogan and Brydon. Superb stuff. Funny and a socking great slice of pathos thrown in. And extremely well directed. I found it comes across as a bit like an Alan Bennett duologue (did he do duologues? well, think of his monologues but with, er, another person). Anyway, there is one more left in the series I think but I’m sure you can catch up on iPlayer. Monday nights and repeated on Sunday.

Michael Stroydontbottom

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  1. I started reading this thinking that I’d written it! Don’t know any Alan Bennett (what little I’ve known about has always put me off), but completely agree about what a gem this show is. I love the improvised scenes where the two of them riff off each other – The “we leave at daybreak” scene is hilarious.

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