Best Cast Ever?

I caught a bit of Open Water 2: Adrift the other day and whilst it was quite interesting couldn’t be bothered to watch all of it. I did, however, want to know what happens. So in true lazy research style I looked it up on wikipedia. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the correct name of the film (although I knew it wasn’t Deep Blue Sea!) so remembering that the guy from those IBM ads (Richard Speight Jnr) was in it I went to IMDB. Speight Jnr was also in Band of Brothers the tv serial, so I looked him up under that (I couldn’t remember his name). Whilst doing so I noticed that Michael Fassbender was in Band of Brothers. For those not in the know Fassbender is considered by some to the next big thing in British acting, he’s already gained alot of plaudits as an IRA terrorist on hunger strike in “Hunger” and we’ll all know him after his role in Taratino’s upcoming “Inglourious Basterds” (spelling mistakes are deliberate). I’d be amazed if there was ever a show that had so many stars before they were famous and it seems that there are those that are only just starting to make a name for themselves.

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